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Teaching first aid for schools

Published 3 August 2016

Teaching valuable skills benefits both the community and the image of the industry. It is

Security and data protection

Published 2 August 2016

Maintaining a high level of security on site is essential for all employees and the

Providing Opportunities for Female Operatives

Published 2 August 2016

Equality should be encouraged within the workforce across all individuals. In order for the

Fitness Exercises for Mobile Operatives

Published 2 August 2016

A healthy lifestyle should be encouraged for all staff across the industry. Providing tips and

Improving communications for foreign workers

Published 2 August 2016

It is important to provide the appropriate facilities and environment for foreign

Mobile Ground Penetrating Radar

Published 21 July 2016

Enhanced awareness enables the ability to detect potential hazards and risks. Some hazards can

Biodegradable concrete remover

Published 21 July 2016

Construction techniques should aim to minimise any impact on the environment and surrounding

Wildlife notification cards

Published 21 July 2016

Maintaining a high awareness of the local wildlife is important in efforts to manage the

Oil eating bacteria

Published 21 July 2016

Ecology should be a high concern during a hazardous spillage event. The environment should

Construction Captains

Published 21 July 2016

Involving members of the community promotes an integrated and considerate environment. Members

Managing Stress

Published 12 July 2016

Stress in the workplace can be a sign of an individual suffering from mental health issues. Work

Compliments/ Comments/ Complaints Record

Published 11 July 2016

Feedback should always be encouraged and utilised to improve the image of construction. In order

10 lifesaving rules

Published 6 July 2016

High standards should be maintained in order to ensure the highest level of safety. Establishing

Displaying Working Areas

Published 27 June 2016

Advising areas of caution, risk or general work is important in gathering potential safety

Working Without Tower Cranes

Published 27 June 2016

Alternative working methods should be used to increase productivity and also reduce community

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