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Improving hazard awareness amongst the workforce

Published 27 April 2015

All individuals working on site should be aware of any potential risks or hazards. This

Dealing with Fatalities on Site

Published 27 April 2015

In the unfortunate event that a fatality occurs on site, this can have an overwhelming impact upon

Making information more accessible to staff

Published 17 April 2015

Methods to improve working conditions should always be sought. It is important that everyone on

Medical Support for Vulnerable Community Members

Published 17 April 2015

It is important to establish and maintain positive community relations. Sites should actively

Managing deliveries through a call off and stock control system

Published 16 April 2015

Sites should be aware of the impact that their project is having on the community and environment.

Recommending the Considerate Constructors Scheme through Supplier Letters

Published 8 April 2015

Sites should actively work to create a positive impression by promoting their registration with the

Re-using PPE

Published 8 April 2015

Operatives should appear clean and well-presented, as they are a clear representation of the site,

Encouraging and supporting women into the construction industry

Published 8 April 2015

The industry needs to be promoted in a positive light to encourage women to consider a career in

Creating Opportunities to Encourage New Talent into the Industry

Published 8 April 2015

It is important to be actively encouraging new people into the industry. In recent years a

Capturing Site Specific Environmental Data

Published 8 April 2015

A key element of assessing environmental impact is capturing data at a site level. This

Supporting environmental initiatives: electric cars

Published 7 April 2015

Awareness of the local environment and environmental practices adopted within the community

Temporary bollards used to reinforce careful driving and road safety

Published 1 April 2015

Access roads to and from site should be carefully controlled to ensure the safety of the workforce

Restricting use of mobile phones

Published 1 April 2015

Any potential distractions should be minimised on site, to ensure the safety of the workforce.

Offering a free and confidential helpline to support the needs of the workforce

Published 1 April 2015

Appropriate measures should be implemented to effectively support the physical and mental health

Improving practices on site

Published 1 April 2015

It is important to be vigilant of practices undertaken on site. Improvements can only be made

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