Creating lasting first impressions – GXI Ltd

Specialist design and interior fit-out company GXI Ltd has been praised for making an exceptional first impression with its project in West London.

GXI Ltd, which offers tailored office planning solutions for businesses created a highly favourable impression on its The GAMPUMA UK Limited project in Brentford, Middlesex.

The project involved the internal fit-out of a ground floor shell and core unit forming part of a large prestigious residential development opposite Kew Bridge.

Here are some examples of best practice the project team introduced to ensure a great appearance:

  • Obscure, branded window film was fitted to all external elevations so there was no evidence of any ongoing works.
  • Company values and identity are promoted through directors’ blogs and weekly briefings, as well as social media, the website and Whatsapp.
  • The appearance of the workforce was exemplary with high-vis and safety boots and coat hooks provided to encourage removal when leaving the site.
  • External perimeters and surrounding areas were immaculate as a result of an on-going team effort to clean up after deliveries and in general.
  • Toolbox talks and face-to-face dialogue encouraged the workforce to contribute to cleanliness and good housekeeping.

Commenting on GXI Ltd’s dedication to creating a great image of construction, company spokeswoman Anita Vekaria said:

“We at GXI pride ourselves in showcasing what we do best ‘Design with Elegance’– and hence all projects are planned, managed and delivered with great care.

“We have a great management team which successfully complies with rules that are laid down by the any respective developer.  We practice a good housekeeping code and our company rules are always promoted through our directors, and briefings via social media.

“All safety management and standards have always been key to all our projects, with daily briefings and measures embedded in our work culture for continuous and positive safety performances. It is our Directors who have always been very collaborative with an open door management style and always encourage face to face dialogue the primary form.”

GXI Group is one of the leading office fit out and refurbishment companies in London delivering high quality cost-effective business solutions.

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