24/7 Contact Information Poster

The Scheme has produced an A3 poster available to registered sites, companies and suppliers which allow a 24 hour contact number to be displayed for the public to easily contact.

All registrations with the Scheme have committed to work to the highest standards of consideration, which includes being able to deal effectively with any comments or complaints from members of the public.

Displaying this poster outside of your registered project or company will ensure that there is a number that someone can call at any time, on any day.

Once the poster is received, you will need to write the number within the black-outlined box.

To find out more, click the link below.

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2 thoughts on "24/7 Contact Information Poster"

  1. Georgina Lock says:

    Am I correct in believing if this poster is not displayed on site you can receive a 4 (non compliant score)?

    1. CCS Best Practice Hub Administrator says:

      Hi Georgina,

      You do not have to show this exact poster, however it is non-compliant to not provide any 24/7 contact information. The Scheme advises the following:

      ’24/7 contact information/arrangements should be readily available to the public and these details kept under review to ensure any issues can be properly dealt with. Larger companies/sites will buy into (or have) a 24-hour hotline operated through a call centre. On smaller sites it would be reasonable to display a number linked to an answer phone where members of the public can leave a message. Our expectation is that the call would be returned early the following morning (assuming any out of hours call). An alternative for smaller sites would be to display a contact name and mobile telephone number (this could be the site manager) making it clear that the number would be answered out of hours.’


      The Hub Team

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