Advanced Ground Borne Noise Monitoring

The Bank Station Capacity Upgrade (BSCU) will provide greatly improved passenger access, circulation and interchange at London’s Underground Bank Station. It involves a significant amount of tunnelling (new running tunnel) under a number of commercial buildings, including banks and a 5 Star Hotel.

Assessments undertaken, prior to works starting, showed that Ground Borne Noise (GBN) and Vibration Dose Value (VDV) were likely to cause a significant impact to the building occupants.

The 01dB Orion vibration monitor was used to manage impacts from tunnelling operations. These machines were located in nine buildings (above tunnelling activities) and allowed live measurements of VDV, GBN and PPV. This is the first machine to monitor all vibration types from one machine.

Everyone in the team can be instantaneously notified (text or email) as the project approached elevated levels, so the project team can immediately respond onsite.

These machines also allow for vibrations in the ground to be converted into audible signal files. This allows the project to identify what is causing any exceeded levels e.g. concrete breakout, train movement from operational trains running on the network, or someone disturbing the monitor – door slamming etc.

Being able to view monitors live – through a bespoke internet site – allowed immediate changes in construction activities to implement alternate methodologies to minimise disturbance in the buildings above. BSCU have assessed: size of breaking machines (5, 10, and 14 tonne) and the use of a rotary header to break through tunnel concrete. This enables the team to maximise the efficiency and minimise vibrations.

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