Bespoke Cable Lifting and Delivery Trailer

The Hornsea project team identified a possible issue with the movement of cable drums to be used within their works.

Weighing 33tn gross and having a working dimension of over four metres, the drums would prove a challenging move from the storage yard at PD Ports to the joint bay locations throughout the job.

Previously the only way to move drums of this size involved the use of a crane and low loader combination at both points of delivery, resulting in higher traffic volumes on the public highway and possible traffic disruption at site access points, due to the size of vehicles involved.

The site team decided to approach Hammar to provide a bespoke cable lifting and delivery trailer. After consultation and design stages, Hornsea took delivery of the trailer.

The design enabled the 33tn drum to be lifted and loaded onto the trailer without a crane requirement, the low and slim nature of the design allowed the movement of the drum to take place on normal roads with only the need for a single escort vehicle.

The trailer dimensions were calculated to allow access to the project site from normal access points and provide direct delivery to the Joint bays.


  • Reduced heavy traffic on the public highway by two thirds during the delivery cycle.
  • Eliminated the need for cranes on site.
  • Less disruption at access points avoiding the need for traffic control measures which would be detrimental to public road users.
  • Reduction in wear and tear on installed Haul road, reduced maintenance.
  • Less heavy traffic within the work area, safer for site operatives.
  • Fully remote-controlled lifting operation, safer for site operatives.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions due to less vehicle movement.

Footer Reference

Monitor report. VolkerInfra. Lincolnshire. November 2019.

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