BIM Station

A BIM station is an on-site computer booth that gives workers access to updated models and drawings, protocols and procedures, documents, programmes, visualisations and construction sequences.

The booth can be located in the site office or physically out on site (provided that power and network connection is available). The purpose of the BIM station is to provide workers to access the project 3D models on site (saving time by not having to return to the site office), analyse clashes, electronically mark-up drawings, reduce re-work and determine how problems at the construction site can be solved.

The BIM station is set up so the project participants can have easy and constant access to the up-to-date Project Information Model (PIM) and drawings, as well as being it a meeting place for collaboration between disciplines and between internal and external parties.

Additionally, the BIM Station can be used to show delivery schedules, H&S information and weather forecasts, for example. However, the BIM Station has to be suitable to the project it is intended to be used on – for a project with a small geographical footprint (e.g. a tall building) it could be incredibly useful, but for a large civil infrastructure project (e.g. a 10-mile road scheme), it may not be as beneficial.

Other technologies are available to assist – portable tablets such as iPads can provide many of the same functions as a BIM Station, especially with the power of 4G and 5G networks, as well as Augmented Reality (AR) systems and Holo-lens systems.

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