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Cable management is difficult at the best of times and there are many products on the market to aid the issues but the “Tidi Cable” Movable Sticky wall mounted Cable Management system allows multi cable management system to be used in a safe manner.

Where skyhooks are generally used to lift the cable off the floor area to avoid slips and trips this often poses an issue when the M&E installers have to constantly move the cables and skyhooks from the containment baskets to allow their works to be completed.

So Tidi cable offer a good solution via means of a sticky backed wall mounted 3 hooked cable unit that can be attached to any surface, typically a high level wall section above the finished ceiling zones that will not affect any of the trades work areas but also give the trades a means of safely securing thier power supply cables.

Tidi offer a range of cable management solutions, including the “Tidi Cable Walkway” management gate, which means you can maintain clear pedestrian access while also maintaining massive cable installations to feed all the site’s needs.

Cable management is also an issue for vehicle routes. This typically involves excavating a trench to install duct work for temporary cables which then need to be dug back out. Using a vehicle cable mat instead means that all that is required is to lay the mat, slot in the cables and push down the protective layer. Vehicles can then pass over the mat safety and the mat can easily moved without any specialist contractors.

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