Carbon Fibre Reinforcement

What is it?
Carbon fibre reinforcement is typically used for structural repairs or strengthening of columns, beams or slabs. On our Mount Street site, Tyfo Fibrwrap systems – Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP) have been applied on columns and beams. An axial strengthening by up to 35- 40 % can be achieved in columns and in beams, mostly flexural and some shear strengthening (up to 35% increase) is achieved.

How does it work?
It acts as a substitute for the steel reinforcement in the columns, confining the concrete with a stronger material. When the applied load is exceeded, the column will try to dilate and burst out thus activating the carbon fibre reinforcement.
In beams, it is applied at the soffit. When the load is exceeded, beams will bend as expected, thus activating the carbon fibre reinforcement

Application Process
The application is a 6 step process: a. Prepping the columns i.e. making sure any plasterboard/ paint is removed. b. Saturating the carbon fibre sheets. c. Priming process: Saturate the column with the primer. d. Thickening the resin. e. Applying the resin onto column. f. Wrapping the carbon fibre sheets, making sure a 200mm overlap is maintained.

Environmental benefits
Using carbon fibre reinforcement has environmental benefits.
Current columns and beams are not being taken out and poured again, saving on additional concrete pours and hence reducing the carbon footprint. The resin is environmental friendly when fully set; therefore it has no side effects once fully set and can be disposed off in a general waste bin.

Commercial benefits
It is a specialist design. The expected cost on Mount Street is ~£96, 000 which is less than breaking columns, props and new pours.

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