Carbon Monitoring – Action Credit Target System

To set meaningful carbon reduction targets for the site and to raise the profile of Sustainability, Ryewood has developed the ‘Action Credit Target System’ (ACTS).

This is an alternative to setting usage reduction targets (e.g. a 10% reduction in carbon emissions), as these can be achieved or missed based on circumstance.

For example, the erection of an essential tower crane could cause a site to miss a target. Conversely, the end of excavation and removal of heavy plant could allow a site to achieve a target, without having taken any action.

Using ACTS, each possible action is worth a certain amount of credits depending on its potential impact (for example: 30 credits awarded for an onsite Solar PV array with a 2kw potential, 10 credits for PIR & Dawn Dusk lighting.)

Ryewood has a target score of 70 credits. The target takes into account site setup, type of site, whether it is a new site or old site, the phase of works and other site-specific constrictions or opportunities. It is then up to the site team to decide from a table of potential actions how to achieve these 70 credits. Ryewood could achieve its target either by one level 5 action (a larger Solar PV array) or a combination of smaller actions from the other levels that add up to 70.

So far ACTS has allowed the site team to identify the following actions for carbon reduction to achieve its 70 credit target:

  • Real-time Energy Monitoring through Ista
  • Retrofit LED lighting
  • Energy efficient hand dryers
  • PIR sensors to site lighting
  • Timers on IT equipment
  • Timers on battery banks

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