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At our Urban Union development, in the Muirhouse area of Edinburgh, the project team actively encouraged and involved their Intern, who is a local Edinburgh College student, to learn more about the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

The intern went on to complete all the required e-learning modules for the CCS within his first few days on site. He embraced the core values of the Scheme and we thought it would be beneficial to give him some hands-on experience.

To facilitate this we naturally involved him in lots of activities and through support from his mentor and the project team, he engaged himself in all aspects of the Code of Considerate Practice during his time.

Neil embraced the Scheme and has applied this to all on-site tasks, ensuring that the appearance and safety of the site is being maintained to a high standard. He was involved in local community visits, both on site and within local schools and also took the lead in gathering the materials required to create a “Bug Hotel” on site, in which local primary school children participated.

Future interns will now become CCS Champions on our projects in Central East, we feel that the Code of Considerate Practice not only enhances their learning but also gives them the knowledge & understanding of the Scheme.

Neil says:

“I feel extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to participate in so many CCS related activities in my short time here. It has been a fantastic experience to be able to see first-hand how beneficial the Scheme is by involving the local community in the project, and how the Code of Considerate Practice can be applied on site to help promote a safer and more presentable work place that everyone can be proud of.”

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