Circular Pothole Repairs

Road Mole Ltd delivered pioneering circular and rounded repairs across the Area 12 road network for us here at A One+ . In the past two years, our inspectors have logged 1,992 locations needing pothole repairs. Given the challenge of repairing these effectively, Road Mole Ltd look for a ‘change of thought’ approach in providing repairs and enhancing the appearance of our sites.

Traditional square and diamond patch repairs have weak spots in each corner leading to early life failure and repeated repairs being required due to over-cutting in corners and difficulty in compacting the tarmac repair material. Small air voids are left in the material matrix which then allows water ingress causing the repair to fall. The same problem occurs along straight edges of the repair, where failure is accelerated if the edge is within the running tracks of the lane.

Circular repairs are fundamentally stronger as there are no weak spots in the shape. It is easier to compact the material against the sides of patch, leading to a stronger joint between the repair patch and existing road interfaces. The Road Mole system uses a vehicle mounted drilling rig which is remotely controlled to cut out the patch over the pothole. The drill has a protective skirt to contain dust and flying fragments. This results in the operation being completed without the main hazards of diamond patching whilst improving the quality of the finished product. This provided the solution we need to address the customer concerns around pothole repairs and the safety and efficiency challenges for contractors.

Additionally, the design of the Road Mole system is focused on aiding asphalt operatives to eliminate HAVS (Hand – Arm Vibration Syndrome).

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