Consider a Colleague

It came to light that there were instances of employees expressing frustration in their dealings with other colleagues. Such instances included unnecessary disruptions, a general lack of understanding and appreciation for a fellow worker’s workload. These instances were far from conducive to the working environment.

Naturally the company’s directors and management wanted to address the matter in order to maintain a pleasant and dynamic working atmosphere. It was decided that by creating better understanding of other colleague’s roles in the company that there was a potential opportunity to create a far more understanding working environment. We created the ‘Consider a Colleague’ programme to focus on relationships between departments and individual colleagues.

We agreed the most advantageous way to appreciate and understand a fellow colleague’s role in the business was to spend time shadowing them for some 1-on-1 time. We called this initiative ‘See my Job’. Of course it was not always going to be practical to spend too much time away from carrying out their own roles so the sessions varied between an hour and an entire day.

The observer would sit with a colleague for a ‘See My Job’ session and see what that colleague’s role entailed and how they played their part in the business. The observer would gain a good insight to their co-worker’s daily duties and where relevant, deal with customers or suppliers. The 1-to-1 ‘See My Job’ experience could be carried out either as part of a planned programme or on a more loose ad-hoc basis as an individual’s or a department’s workloads varied and allowed.

The exercise was a great success and greatly improved working relationships!

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