Considerate Constructors Scheme ‘Expectations for Temporary Site Accommodation’ Guidance Note

As part of the scoring process, the Considerate Constructors Scheme issues guidance notes to our Monitors on key issues to advise them on best practices to look out for when visiting sites, companies and suppliers.

The ‘Expectations for Temporary Site Accommodation’ note was developed by the Scheme’s Review Group through consultation with the Modular and Portable Buildings Association (MPBA) and with a number of the Scheme’s Partners and was originally intended for internal use only.

The guidance note relates to question 3.8 of the Monitors’ Checklist ‘How is the site measuring and reporting its carbon footprint and what is being done to reduce it?’, which includes the prompt ‘Energy efficient accommodation’.

The document simply aimed to help raise awareness amongst Monitors who may not be experts in this particular subject and therefore the note should not be considered as an authoritative document on the matter of site accommodation.

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Considerate Constructors Scheme, 2018

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