Constructing Morpeth Northern Bypass with Automated Paving Technology

In 2015, Carillion and project partner Tarmac commenced work on the Morpeth Northern Bypass, as part of this contract, it made a commitment to develop and deliver an automated paving technology which could accurately record and aid the consistent laying of asphalt materials.

The objective was to reduce the occurrence of in-built highways defects to cut the cost of repairing early failures.

Over the last 12 months, Carillion, Tarmac, Northumberland County Council and Highway Data Systems (HDS) have worked together to deliver a bespoke process which combines data capture during surfacing projects and advanced analysis with reporting to inform client asset management plans.

The objectives were to:

  • Understand how this emerging technology can improve and simplify the end-to-end laying process
  • Record and analyse laying data
  • Work with stakeholders to adapt this technology to ensure compatibility with BIM
  • Provide an online portal for all stakeholders to be able to access this data

Throughout this project the partners have continually tried to anticipate the requirements clients will have in the future from Building Information Modelling (BIM) purposes and working together implemented emerging technology to the paving process.

The technology collects data from the laying process from sensors on the paving and compaction equipment as well as matching GPS location data with material and ticket data, to generate an electronic laying and compaction record for each load.

The client now has an accurate data collection system that reduces inbuilt defects resulting in much greater accuracy when predicting future maintenance works and costs.

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Entry submitted by Carillion Construction Ltd

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