CPS in Bloom

CPS in Bloom took place at a number of schools around our M25 network – including West Ashtead Primary School in Leatherhead, Holy Cross Primary School in Thurrock, and The Dartford Bridge Primary School in Dartford.

Each school received a £200 voucher from us so they could purchase garden equipment and anything else they wanted for the planting area. Volunteers visited the schools to brighten up their play areas by planting flowers and vegetables for the children to enjoy.

Leatherhead – In celebration of a young 7-year-old pupil whose life was tragically ended prematurely due to cancer, CPS has been involved in building a pond in the school grounds. Volunteers were then invited to come back and assist the parents association with weeding and planting around the pond.

Thurrock – The Holy Cross Primary School is in a deprived area and currently classed as having the highest obesity rate in the borough. The school was keen to educate the children about healthy eating and felt that showing children the complete process from planting to plate would support their understanding. With this in mind, we offered to assist with weeding and planting vegetables around the school’s grounds.

Dartford – We visited the Dartford Bridge Primary School and began by clearing allotments that were filled with weeds. While doing this, we found three small frogs and the children happily took them to the school pond. The allotments were then filled with manure and compost, and flowers and vegetable seeds were planted.

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