Delivering Materials by Sea

Our site ‘Morwenna’ is situated at the end of a very narrow road which is passable only by small vans and cars. It is also used heavily by pedestrians (usually dog walkers) and horses. It was our intention to shuttle bulky materials like the steel frame and blocks down this road in multiple loads onboard small tipper vans to allow us to begin work. However, after calculations of journey numbers and taking into account the local neighbours who would be affected by this excessive road traffic noise, we had to re-think our options as relationships with the local residents is a top priority when considering transport solutions.

We researched local businesses and found a company that have a vessel to load materials for other boats from the shoreline. The boat made berth about 20 minutes away by water from the site so we contacted them in the hope that they would help us.

They were incredibly helpful and allowed us to do two trips consisting of all the concrete blocks and then the whole steel system around from their dockyard to our site along the river. We arranged for the blocks and steel to be delivered from the merchant to the docks at the same time (and in one trip to limit the CO2 footprint of the operation further) and stack them all on the quayside ready for the trip. The skipper of the boat made use of a hi-ab and block grab to get the materials on and off again. The whole job took no longer than a hour, but seriouly reduced the impact on the environment.

In a separate incident, a local resident’s boat had gotten into trouble one night and had found its way to ground on the beach at the other side of the creek from our site. We noticed that the resident (in his late 70s and with a broken arm in cast) was attempting to re-float his sailing boat. We quickly motioned to him to come and pick us up with the dingy and three of us came to his rescue. We pushed the boat back to water and sank a new anchor for him as a replacement mooring as we later found that his old mooring line had snapped in the high winds over night.

We are only a small company, that being said, we are as committed to changing the face of construction as the large enrolled with the CCS in how we present ourselves and how we operate.

This innovation was achieved by a small company of four employees which specialises in bespoke new build single units.

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