Dust Control Equipment

The creation of dust is a very common cause of complaint for the construction industry.

Dust not only poses a health hazard for those working on site, but is also the root cause of many complaints made by the public.

It is therefore essential that appropriate methods are adopted to minimise the risk of dust on sites, to safeguard workers’ wellbeing, as well as minimising any frustrations occurring within the community.

Below are examples of the dust control equipment used to minimise the harmful impact of dust:

  • ‘Water cannon’ atomised mist dust suppression equipment was used on site, to manage dust pollution;
  • The implementation of a modified snow-making machine delivered exceptional dust control on and around site;
  • To aid dust suppression, a chemical product was added to recycled water to form a seal on the surface;
  • Constructing a water spray using a plastic tank, perforated tube and small trailer to be towed behind the site loader, using harvested rainwater to suppress dust;
  • Dust training was held with Makita and Hilti for all subcontractors, including showing the workforce all the latest equipment for compliant dust extraction;
  • Weather board was used instead of cementitious board as this creates much less dust, as it can be cut with a knife;
  • MDF was banned on site as this causes dust and also has carcinogenic properties;
  • The Dustbuster3 uses hydroscopic salts to retain fine particles and bind particles to road surfaces, which can be applied using a conventional water truck or in a solid form by a common grit spreader.

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