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Maintaining the strategic road network whilst minimising disruption to daily road users can be a challenging task, and we know that in Area 12 (Yorkshire & Humber) we keep over 270,000 businesses and over 5 million commuters on the move every day.

A recent review showed that 81% of our maintenance work is carried out at night to minimise disruption to road users during the day. However this can present different challenges with noise and light disruption at night, and a greater interaction with freight drivers who often travel overnight.

As part of meeting the challenge of caring for our local communities head on, we recognised the importance of communicating clear objectives and goals to our staff and supply chain. We developed an A4 tri-fold leaflet clearly articulating our objectives and goals when interacting with customers and communities, and setting measurable targets for the team to deliver against.

These included:

  • Scheme Communications Plans – having a targeted approach to plans using our dedicated customer care team;
  • STEM Ambassador Work – expanding our work with local schools and volunteer groups;
  • Post Scheme Surveys – getting direct feedback following work;
  • Stakeholder Relationship Plans – appointing owners to protect the health of relationships;
  • Enquiries – reviewing enquires to identify trends;
  • Programme Office – analysing the cumulative effect of adjacent roadworks;
  • Events – risk management to minimise impact of regional events e.g. Tour de Yorkshire;
  • Network Enhancement Programme – small works targeting community hotspots.

We distributed these leaflets to staff and the supply chain through a series of leadership roadshows around the business.

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Entry submitted by Area 12 A-one+ Integrated Highway Services

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