Environmental Power Cabin

Providing a battery-based power source for off-peak/night-time energy and lighting requirements in compound offices, canteen and IT servers.

Current Issues:

For green-field compounds there are generally long lead-in times for connection to the grid and strict planning rules regarding suitable forms of renewable energy e.g. wind turbines. This means that in many circumstances generators are the only available option to provide a sufficient power source for compound and site office energy, security and lighting requirements. Current environmental concerns with this power source include:

  • Present off-peak fuel costs of existing generators
  • High emissions factors associated with the use of generators
  • Inefficient sizing of generators for 24 hour use


Faced with increasing client requirements for considerate use of energy and the fact that fuel costs are a major component of our cost of doing business, the Roadbridge Plant Department came up with an in-house developed solution.

We converted an existing 20ft steel container – installing a 60kVA generator, 5000W invertor and a bank of batteries.

During normal day-time operations, the bank of batteries is re-charged by the normal running of the generator, through the 5000W power inverter.

Emissions savings of:

  • 0.728 tCo2e per night
  • 5.1 tCo2e per week
  • 22.6 tCo2e per month
  • 271 tCo2e per year

(Source: Environment Agency Carbon Calculator Tool)


  • The unit is mobile and can be connected and redeployed in minutes using “plug and play” connections
  • Almost zero noise emissions at night as battery power is utilised
  • The unit lifespan is 10 years

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