Equipment Rescue Centre (ERC)

Any attempts to re-use, recycle or salvage resources reduces the negative impact on the environment.

It is important to monitor and reduce waste to landfill and to consider how working equipment could potentially be re-used.

Equipment Rescue Centres can be utilised to reduce waste on site by recycling equipment as below:

  • Equipment Rescue Centre (ERC) retrieves equipment from sources that would otherwise dispose of the asset.
  • This equipment is normally sent to licensed disposal outlets and all opportunity to reuse is lost, causing unnecessary impacts to the environment.
  • A total of approximately £151,000 worth of equipment was rescued and returned to a Distribution Hub, (Plymouth Warehouse) cleaned, PAT and operation tested before being circulated back to the industry.
  • Counter cache safes, shelves and bakery accessories salvaged from equipment destined for the waste transfer centre improved the business viability report by saving over £10K, another recipient store saved over £17K.
  • ERC also provided companies with equipment that could potentially help them develop in a faster and more efficient, even safer way.
  • The development of a village forecourt shop was proving financially challenging with several desired services being ‘put-on-hold’ until a later date. Rescued shelving and back-up refrigeration from the ERC allowed the project to fully progress.
  • Through ERC, this company has generated greater sustainability, enhanced employment for their customer and supply chain partners as well as supported local business and communities.
  • The ERC has reduced travel (CO2 emissions reduction) for bulk equipment procurement and centralised deliveries, also a significant reduction in controlled waste & landfill.

Footer Reference

Company Monitor report. Weatherhead Shop Designers Ltd. Devon. July 2015

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