Inclined Travelling Formwork

To ensure the safety of all on site, efforts must be made to adapt working methods to suit each unique site and addressing the challenges each site brings.

See the examples below for how one Crossrail site resolved a challenge:

  • The temporary works solution for the secondary lining of the Eastern Ticket Hall escalator tunnel (ES2) at Farringdon Crossrail station utilised an innovative design that resulted in significant safety, cost, time, environmental and logistical benefits.
  • The original method using sprayed concrete linings (SCL) was not practical due to the impact that large muck ramps and ventilation would have on the neighbouring works and system-wide programmes.
  • The contractor explored the possibility of using a self‐propelled formwork able to perform the advancement, setting, pouring and striking operations whilst minimising the risks given by the 30° inclination of the tunnel.
  • Having successfully cast all preceding platforms and cross-passages using KERN formwork, the contractor and KERN started a collaborative effort to implement the use of modular formwork elements that allowed transformation to different geometries.
  • This particular type of formwork can be split longitudinally, allowing for pour blocks of different lengths. This formwork system was adapted to work on the 30° inclination with the use of a hydraulic jacking system for advancement and utilising anchor heads inserted into cast pockets in the invert slab.
  • All the formwork movements were hydraulically performed by the use of a remote control, minimising manual movements and the associated risks.
  • The temporary works design utilised a two-metre length of formwork by transforming equipment already on site and allowed BFK to perform secondary lining works simultaneously in the concourse and escalator tunnel, reducing overall cost, time and resources.
  • There was a three month saving on the follow on works which was to the benefit of the Crossrail programme as a whole.
  • This solution is now being used at Liverpool Street and Whitechapel Stations to provide similar benefits to the overall programme.
  • The ES2 Inclined Travelling Formwork is a winner of the BCIA Temporary Works Award 2017.

Footer Reference

Monitor report. Bam Ferrovial Kier Joint Venture. London. October 2017.

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