Fisher St Shaft Noise BPM – Acoustic Shed

Crossrail Contract C610 require the use of the Fisher Street shaft (FSS) site for their Floating Track Slab (FTS) construction. Concrete used for the installation of the FTS is a high density bespoke mix that has a limited shelf life prior to placement.

Therefore to avoid material being lost due to delays in daytime highways congestion it is necessary to deliver the concrete to site during late evenings/nights when traffic flows are lower. In order to pour the heavy concrete for the FTS, a pumping station had to be installed at FSS surface area that will pump the concrete from the surface to areas along the running tunnels.

Due to the distance that the concrete requires to travel the pumps used require to be significantly powerful pumps with high Sound Power Levels (SWL) that have a potential to create a noise impact to local residential properties.

Crossrail Contract C360 (Costain Skanska Joint Venture) instructed their subcontractor Skanska Technology to do a noise model to calculate how much reduction in decibels the shed would need to ensure the sites noise is at a level below the Noise Insulation/Temporary Re-housing (NI/TRH) criteria as defined in the Crossrail Act 2009 at the closest receptors.

Due to the constrained properties of the site CSJV had to not only ensure the attenuation capabilities of the shed, but the structural integrity to be able to use the roof as a storage/landing platform for materials.

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