ORCA Food Waste Digestion System in our Canteen

We believe that we are the first construction site to implement the use of the ORCA OG15.

The smallest model – the OG15, also known as the Baby ORCA, can aerobically process an average of 15 pounds of food waste per hour, or up to 30 covers per hour.

The OG15:

  • Is L32″ x W23″ x H42.5″.
  • Weights 350 pounds when empty.
  • Can divert up to 65.7 tonnes of food waste per year from landfill.

To be considered a recycling solution, you must be able to convert waste into a re-usable material. ORCA recycles food waste by breaking it down into water and some carbohydrates, fats and proteins which are then captured or repurposed by your wastewater treatment plant. ORCA’s effluent is fully recovered and recycled throughout its life.

Likewise, commercial food operation is a resource intense undertaking and we have a opportunity to provide our clients a cost effective solution to lower the environmental impact of your culinary programme. ORCA helps your organisation to avoid emitting both methane and carbon dioxide by recycling on site.

Depending on your model size, your organisation could be diverting on average 416,100 pounds of food waste from the landfill per year. That is the equivalent of:

  • 18,390 mc3 avoided methane generation.
  • 25,332 gallons of liberated water.
  • 35 cars taken off the road.
  • 25 homes powered by electricity.

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