Four steps to dialling up customer focus on schemes

A-one+ are keen to learn lessons about customer experience and ensure schemes on the road network reflect latest feedback and trends. We set aside Tuesdays during June to focus on this – our ‘Four June steps to dialling up customer focus on schemes’, focusing on a different aspect of customer experience each week to discuss and share with our staff, client and customer representatives as part of Respecting the Community around and affected by our works.

On Tuesday 5th June, we focused on ‘What is the Customer Telling Us?’ To support this, we used customer data by route, by month, by category, showing cumulative and latest trends. We reviewed the data to identify mitigation that directly aligned addressed future actions on schemes.

On Tuesday 12th June, we focused on ‘Transport Focus view and key lessons learned’. We met with Transport Focus to share our lessons learned , with plans to mitigate in the future. These include our new ‘Customer Postcards’.

On Tuesday 19th June we focused on ‘Roadworks – A Customer View, Guide for Project Teams’. This document sets out 20 key principles to consider when planning and managing roadworks. The principles were briefed out to all our project managers, design leads and site agents, and included an introduction by client staff.

On Tuesday 26th June we focused on ‘Making it stick’, looking at all the feedback and learning from the previous three weeks and agreeing a 10 point action plan to embed learning into our processes, procedures and ways of working.

This programme has dialled up our focus on customer and reminded all our teams in an engaging way about the need to Respect the Community around us.

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