GRP Edge Protection Adjacent to the Railway

What it is

  • Bespoke 1.8m high Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) edge protection system spanning 300m adjacent to King’s Cross Station powerlines.
  • Unique, non-conductive edge protection that is able to provide a safe form of edge protection for operatives working near the railway.
  • Specially designed, tested, risk assessed and certified in an off-site facility by Step-On-Safety and approved by Lendlease temporary works.

Why we used it

  • We wanted to provide safe and effective edge protection to the Shared Access Ramp.
  • Proximity to Network Rail’s overhead power lines meant we couldn’t use traditional scaffold edge protection.
  • We needed edge protection on the roof of the Shared Access Ramp (SAR) to facilitate the construction of our Phase 2 Accommodation.

Was it Successful?

  • Proprietary GRP barriers were 1.2m high and not normally used as edge protection. Firstly, we were able develop a bespoke 1.8m-high design as per Lendlease’s Global Minimum Requirements.
  • We were able to successfully develop a standard barrier system used at railway stations into a safe, effective form of non-conductive edge protection that has been in use for nearly two years.

The Next Steps

  • The GRP edge protection that we have developed is now a certified and tested product that can now be used across all UK Lendlease sites to provide safe edge protection in areas where there are electrical hazards.
  • Having developed this design alongside Step-on-Safety and Lyndon Scaffold, we have assisted our supply chain in creating a new edge protection solution that can potentially be used on construction projects across the UK construction industry.

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