Heads Up for Five (HUFF)

Heads up for Five (HUFF) is an initiative aimed at increasing awareness of the hazards that surround us by having personnel stop work for 5 minutes and look around them to observe any hazards which may be present, but which normally would have gone un-noticed if work were to continue.

At a time determined by local site management, selected personnel will cease work for up to 5 minutes to look around and carry out a safety observation exercise. It may be all personnel on site or a selected group.

On the HUFF observation card provided, they should note any potential hazards they see. Ideally 5 observations should be made.

HUFF cards will either be collected by the site safety representative or they can be handed in to the Robertson site management team.

The local site safety representative or site manager will analyse the information collected and if necessary prepare an action plan to address the matters identified. Corrective action may be as simple as the provision of a tool box talk or a discussion at a local site SHE meetings. Results of the analysis of HUFF observations will be posted.

Regional management teams and Regional SHE Managers will also monitor the effectiveness of the initiative during site visits. Results will be discussed at site, regional and group SHE related meetings

The site went to the next step with the HUFF initiative and produced a large wipe clean HUFF board, all observations are noted on the board which allows all operatives and site staff to clearly see any issues raised and the remedial actions which have taken place to rectify them.

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