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On site we were looking at ways to improve our drying room facilities to enable the teams to dry their boots ready for the winter. We looked at the classic methods of tumble drying and plug in boot dryers but don’t have the space, and these break down easily due to over use. They also use a lot of electricity which doesn’t help our carbon footprint which we are committed to reducing.

Artificial air drying methods also tend to wear the boot out faster, causing glue to melt and deform, and new boots which are costly are bought more frequently. Not drying your boots altogether can cause very serious skin conditions in the feet as well.

We have introduced a brand new product to our PPE stock at Wimbledon Hill Park. The Drysure product is a brand new creation supplied by a local West London entrepreneur:-

  • Ecofriendly boot and shoe dryers
  • No electricity, heat or batteries required
  • Absorbs up to 10 days amount of sweat and moisture overnight
  • Reactivate in an oven for 1 hour at 100° degrees Celsius once a week, never have to re-purchase, lasts forever
  • 12x more efficient at drying your boots than air drying
  • Uses a combination of silica oxide and improved airflow
  • Improves boot/shoe hygiene by reducing bacteria growth
  • Lightweight and easy to use

We have purchased these for all site managers who have been using these for 1 month and have seen a vast improvement in their foot and boot hygiene. We have done on-site drysure presentations with all contractors and they have also purchased some. So far we have around 20% of our workforce on board and using Drysure.

We have planned foot health talks in November with our nurse as well.

To find out more. click the link below.

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