Improve It: a Culture of Betterment

CMDP Costain-MWH are partners in the framework Joint Venture working with Southern Water on projects across Kent and Sussex. Currently there are 36 sites in rural and urban locations.

Having good relationships with neighbours and the population adjacent their works is a priority. Working with the minimum of disruption to those who could be affected by the works is the way they are operating. To be working with performance beyond compliance is respecting the community and valuing their workforce – a tool they have found to be of great benefit to do this is the Improvement card.

In striving to improve safety and the welfare of their workforce this visual Inclusive aid is measurably proving to be of great benefit and is also an aid in reporting any possible environmental issues whilst the framework contractors go about their business in the sensitive environment of the water industry.

The Improve it cards are completed by the workforce and on site supervision and visiting management. Everyone is encouraged when coming off site to complete a card for good practice or possible hazard which will lead to significant improvement.

CMDP have a scored safety inspection carried out on all sites. This is an in depth review of all safety and environmental documentation, including waste management and certification plus monitoring for any unsafe practices. Site managers have noticed that with the increase in the use of the cards the score has increased in the inspection.

An increase in the cards will lead to a decrease in issues and the good practice begins to outweigh the hazards observed.

As a company CMDP have a record in these cards to show that the supervisors and managers do make these good observations and do something about any issues raised and can show written proof that they have these people looking, watching, commenting and acting on observations.

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