Lending a Helping Hand to Elderly Residents

Efforts to positively contribute to the local community should be made.

This helps to build good relations with the local community, and promotes the considerate nature of the industry.

A good rapport with the local community will also help to mitigate any annoyances or frustrations that may occur throughout the duration of the project.

Below is an example of how sites can positively contribute to the local elderly community:

  • A new initiative was launched called ‘Helping Hands’;
  • Local residents in the surrounding community who were 70 years and older were invited to contact the site if they had any small maintenance jobs around their homes that they were unable to manage;
  • Such jobs included fixing a loose door hinge, sticky door locks, windows that fail to open easily or removing shrubs in the garden;
  • This service was offered free of charge;
  • Several site managers visited homes and gave a brief overview of the work which would be carried out, and continuously kept the residents informed;
  • When sites had particularly noisy work to complete, they organised a coach trip to the coast for the day. Residents were kept very happy by the seaside, whilst the work was completed without any unnecessary disruptions;
  • Operatives met residents and enjoyed a cup of tea with them;
  • Operatives donated unwanted items to the residential home;
  • Home visits were arranged for less mobile members of the community;
  • The contractor issued a warning sticker to elderly residents, to locate on front door, to remind them to ask for ID.

Footer Reference

Monitor Report, Cranbrook Basements Ltd, London, March 2015

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