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For this company that works as a strip out and enabling company the waste removal activities represent the largest task item within the Risk Assessment and Method Statement.

This can result in considerable amounts of manual handling and physical ability Therefore they have looked at ways to reduce the effects of ill health and Musculoskeletal disorders on the workforce by introducing methods that reduce as far as possible the need for operatives to physically lift waste materials.

In the past clients have prevented them from using lifts to remove waste from site in the fear that they may become damaged. On sites where other devices like external hoists are not appropriate, this has meant stairs would need to be used. The biggest factor in the lifts being damaged when used for waste is debris falling through the door runners and causing irreversible or costly damage to the mechanism. The site team have come up with a simple solution as part of the lift protection system, that covers the runners when using the lifts for waste.

There is a section of ply board that is hinged and is lifted and lowered by a chain to cover the running gear when needed and simply flaps back over, forming part of the floor protection when not in use. This allows the lift to be safely used by tenants when not being used for construction activities. The prototype has been constructed in timber to see if the design works. The next stage is to create in thin metal with a foam/rubber backing to cushion over the running mechanism which will be an even smaller profile when flipped over when in normal use.

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