Monitoring & raising staff health awareness

The health and wellbeing of the workforce should be regularly monitored and any issues addressed.

Having suffered with high blood pressure for a number of years and with the added problem of Type 2 Diabetes, I decided to see if my staff were happy for me to commence with a schedule of monitoring their blood pressure.

They were initially sceptical but curious as to what the results may be so we went ahead. At first most of the results were normal but one of the male members of staff had very high readings taken over a period of time.

He was advised to visit his GP which he did the next day, the reading was confirmed as being too high and he was put on medication there and then.

Since this time several people have shown abnormally high results, one of which resulted in having to call for an ambulance and a week spent in hospital. Further tests identified a brain problem, which if left could have been fatal.

As a foot note to this, while a Scheme Monitor was on site we were discussing the issue of blood pressure testing so I offered to take his and found it to be high, he later rang me to thank me and inform me that his GP had advised him to take medication to lower it.

We continue to monitor the blood pressure of staff and in addition to this have now introduced a 5 a day fruit scheme with a juicing machine, if they prefer to have the fruit as a healthy drink.

In conclusion, what this has shown is that no matter what age you are, it is very important to keep an eye on your blood pressure levels from time to time, as there are thousands of people out there who are not aware of the dangers of high blood pressure and the consequences if left untreated.

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