Monitoring stress levels of the workforce

Work-related stress is commonplace within the construction industry.

This has a number of knock-on effects, including, high blood pressure, low morale, poor decision making and can lead to mental health problems such as depression.

For these reasons, it is important that managers interact with their workforce and are aware of any signs that employees may be suffering from work-related stress.

Below is a method that has been implemented on sites, to identify employees who may be suffering from stress:

  • Stress was addressed openly and directly with biodots distributed and promoted with explanations and colour charts;
  • The small biodot sticker was placed on the skin to monitor the skin temperature, changing colour;
  • The more tense the person, the dot changed colour to yellow, orange and then black, a relaxed persons dot would be green, turquoise or violet for the very relaxed;
  • This tool is eye catching and fun, inclusive, neither threatening nor intrusive and is a very easy talking point, and therefore an excellent way to open discussion on this serious issue.

To find out more about Biodots click below.

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Second visit Monitor Report, Brookfield Multiplex, London, September 2015

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