New Process for Managing Delivery Tickets

The project team were concerned with pen and paperwork sharing with the spread of coronavirus, so they generated a new system to protect all individuals on site. Before the threat of coronavirus, all delivery and collection tickets had to be checked, signed and then handed over to the site administrator to scan and process them. With up to 100 vehicle movements through site daily they saw the risk of how easy the virus could be spread due to the volume of people sharing paperwork and pens, so they decided a change was needed.

They created a Google Photo account which is a free software that allows you to save photos and videos taken which then uploads them to a cloud which can be accessed remotely. Google Photos provides free unlimited storage and includes an AI-powered assistant to help manage the photos to assist in searching for tickets.

The process saw the Traffic Marshall open out a foldable clipboard up to the driver’s cabin. The driver would place the ticket onto the clipboard (Securing it down using the clip) where the Marshall would then lower the clipboard down and take a photo using their mobile phone. This would automatically upload onto the cloud to allow the site administrator to start processing the information straight away rather than having to wait until the end of the day. Having this information captured in real time means that the wagons are logged at the time of being loaded and allows for the administrator to check to see if information is missed which can be communicated to the site straight away so action can be taken.

They have since started using it for capturing progress pictures as the software allows you to find elements quickly through their search engine.

This example of best practice is just one way that projects can work to tackle the virus and reduce the spread. For full guidance and the latest Government advice read the Construction Leadership Council’s Site Operating Procedures.

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