Optima-life works with organisations that are committed to a long-term strategy for their people. Their objective is to provide a service that will ultimately benefit the health and well being of those taking part.

The scheme works on a six stage level;

  • Stage 1: An in-depth online questionnaire is distributed to those in the scheme, this monitors Psychology, Productivity, Physiology and Recovery;
  • Stage 2: An interactive workshop then takes place that centres on where health and wellbeing meets performance;
  • Stage 3: Each participant wears a ‘Firstbeat Bodyguard Monitor’ for up to five days and five nights, participants are asked to complete an online diary;
  • Stage 4: Detailed personalised report based on data collected from the monitor is generated and is fed back in a one to one session;
  • Stage 5: Each participant will receive seven e-bulletins that are designed to reinforce the messages provided during the workshop;
  • Stage 6: Three months after the programme the participants are asked to re-take the online questionnaire and can also request a second assessment with the Firstbeat Bodyguard.

Throughout this scheme Optima-Life aim to concentrate on the specific areas that someone can improve upon within their health. With the ‘Firstbeat Bodyguard Monitor’ in place in Stage 3, the participant’s blood pressure, heart rate, sleeping pattern and movement are constantly recorded for five days.

This information is then given in a one to one basis with the participant. One participant had stated that his experience was an eye-opener to his health and he has since started to eat differently and has started to change his lifestyle towards a healthier route.

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