Overhead cable warning signs

Visual warning signs are effective in reminding the workforce of dangers and hazards.

Areas or situations that pose a high risk must be identified and clearly communicated to the workforce in order for the correct procedures and precautions to be followed.

It is therefore effective to implement visual reminders and warning systems to maintain a level of hazard awareness.

The example below demonstrates how overhead cables were made clearly visible:

  • Overhead cable warning signs with goal post support brackets were developed to offer Hi Viz permanent markers for all overhead lines traversing the carriageways;
  • The design of the sign enabled laser cutting of the warning sign and particular location reference numbers, unique to where ever they were placed;
  • The material eliminated any fading, sustaining the eye-catching visibility;
  • The signs enabled a simple but quick bolting method via sliding goalposts, which increased speed and simplicity of placing at any location;
  • The Highways Authority indicated its intention to utilise the signs throughout the country.

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Overhead Cable Markers Click here to Download

Footer Reference

Monitor report. Kier Highways Ltd. Cornwall. March 2016

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