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Following the effect of the severe winter and subsequent thaw, some of the VolkerHighways road networks deteriorated at an unprecedented rate. The temporary repairs soon required permanent reinstatements which became difficult to manage with existing resources.

VolkerHighways had been looking for a different approach to the slow and labour-intensive process of men with jackhammers. As a result, VolkerHighways undertook a 6-week trial of the Multihog patch planer.

From analysis of the trial costs, the commercial viability of the unit is evident. Additionally, productivity of the patch repair team increased because the trialled method was at least three times quicker than traditional methods.

The key benefits the machine brings include:

  • Improved productivity and better quality longer lasting permanent repairs.
  • Health and safety improvements for our employees (including reduced HAVS exposure)
  • Minimum disruption to the network and residents.
  • Positive impact on communities witnessing machine on the road.
  • Potential to acquire other attachments which could help address other maintenance issues which arise.
  • The unit is capable of repairing defects in areas inaccessible to larger machinery.

The process includes:

  • An operated Multihog and mechanical sweeper were integrated into one of our own three-man patch repair teams.
  • Traffic management is established around the work area.
  • The Multihog with the planner attachment will excavate in and around the defective area.
  • The sweeper will follow the patch planner to collect arising.
  • The patch repair team will hand lay the hot asphalt, rake-over and compact.

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