Peri-Up Temporary Access Structure

On their quest to minimise lags, the team at Greenwich Peninsula sourced and tailored a solution to reduce the entire temporary access structure down to a compact four-storey plug-in that only needs to be built once which both improves their programme as well as significantly reducing work from height risks.

The ‘Peri-Up’ is a four storey-high access system that climbs the building using hydraulic jacks, providing safe pedestrian access at any height whilst leaving the space below free of scaffolding.

This provides follow-on trades unimpeded access to the ground and structure below, helping them complete their work in one go rather than return once temporary structures have been removed.

Introduced by Mace’s Steve Burrows in partnership with Morrisroe, this is a UK first.

The team at Greenwich Peninsula have been impressed with the results – they are currently using the Peri Up on Buildings 1 and 2, which stand at 22 and 23 storeys respectively. The system covers four floors at a time, including access to the falsework, eliminating the need for ladders when accessing the deck under construction, giving almost immediate stepped access to all work faces.

As additional floors are constructed and the permanent staircase catches up with the Peri Up, the system is hydraulically climbed using jacks, providing a simple fluid access strategy to the upper levels. This means the Peri Up’s frame remains fixed for the duration on the project, so once constructed, there is no need for additional temporary flights, eliminating further manual handling or work at height.

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