Permit to park

Congested roads can cause a lot of frustration for the local community, especially when other cars are occupying their spaces.

The examples below demonstrate how one site managed this problem:

  • Due to the spread out nature of this project and the need for vehicles to park on public roads a new controlled “Permit to Park” system has been introduced;
  • All subcontractors and operatives intending to park on public roads are required to log details of their vehicle registration number and personal contact details in a site office register and would obtain a numbered permit;
  • This permit would need to be prominently displayed in the vehicle windscreen;
  • The numbered permit displays the name and telephone number of the site Tennant Liaison Officer with a note to call if this vehicle needs to be moved;
  • On receiving a call the TLO would contact the operative and arrange for the vehicle to be moved and once resolved would respond to the person making the request;
  • This call would be dealt with as a complaint and would be recorded and managed by the TLO in the same way as any other complaint;
  • The action taken would be recorded and would need to be signed off once resolved;
  • This new procedure is a step forward from the current system of only displaying driver contact details;
  • The advantages are that the TLO can almost always be contacted, they can manage the parking problem from start to finish and can then respond to the request in a professional and courteous way;
  • In addition by recording this under the complaints procedure a record of the incident is kept and the driver is required to sign off his actions;
  • Any repeated requests will alert the site team to sensitive areas or neighbours and should lead to better long term parking management.

Footer Reference

Monitor report. Keepmoat Regeneration Ltd. Tyne & Wear. November 2016

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