Precautions for Coronavirus

With the impending rise in coronavirus cases in the UK, coupled with a large construction workforce on Wates’ sites, they have been implementing as many precautions as they can, such as:

  • Hand sanitiser foam at turnstiles
  • Washing facilities on site (welfare area) as well as ‘off site’ in the site compound welfare/canteen areas
  • Hand sanitiser gel at the signing in book (office) and desk locations
  • Hand cream for afterwards due to the additional hand cleaning required (hands dry out)
  • Information/guidance posters on entering site and in canteen and welfare areas
  • Rota system introduced until further notice for break times in canteen – one person per table – or operatives can have their breaks in their vehicles. Supervisors will be informing operatives of not gathering in groups – particularly at prime times (daily start right briefings, daily collaborative planning meeting, break times and end of shift).
  • Daily collaborative planning meeting now held outside but WhatsApp group set up for those not wishing to attend (this is likely to be a preference now).
  • Site inductions split – maximum six people in induction room
  • Anyone presenting symptoms are advised to not come to work.
  • Regional and main offices have been allocated different colours – changed every fortnight to alternate who visits. Sites have their fixed allocated colours.
  • Wates site staff to take all devices and chargers home each night in case of lock down.
This example of best practice is just one way that projects can work to tackle the virus and reduce the spread. For full guidance and the latest Government advice read the Construction Leadership Council’s Site Operating Procedures.

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