Professional Radio Infomercials Highlight Road Worker Safety

Recognising that many of our customers are road users who make their living from travelling around and through our roadworks sites, we embraced different ways to communicate with our customers around the area of road safety, as they can often be hard to communicate with in a direct manner.

The project commissioned a series of six professional quality, 30 second radio infomercials based on our own experience of near-misses in roadworks with a view to engaging with our communities in a real and emotional way. An airtime schedule was agreed with regional based radio stations (Real Radio and Smooth Radio), with a higher concentration of airtime aimed at the peak travelling hours in phase 1 and a higher concentration of airtime aimed at HGV drivers in phase 2. The adverts were deliberately unbranded, to allow use by others. The adverts have also been uploaded to YouTube and made available for anyone to download from the national Road Workers Safety Forum website. This involved a significant financial investment by the business.

An independent post-airplay report prepared by gmgradio showed that the adverts had been played a total of 854 times (phase 1) and 3,587 times (phase 2), reaching a people audience of 1,917,242 (phase 1) and 1,998,168 (phase 2) – that’s over 3.9m people who have heard the infomercials across the two phases. During phase 1 an additional 118,240 listeners visited the Real Radio website and viewed the ‘respect our roadworkers’ adverts with 162 users clicking links to further information.

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Entry submitted by A-one+ Integrated Highway Services.

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