Reusable Discs to Mark Utilities

When conducting utilities works, contractors must be mindful of interfering with existing utilities and causing a safety hazard. These works can also often cause disruption to the local community, which sites should take measures to minimise.

See the examples below for how one site addressed this:

  • The contractor has developed small circular discs which are colour coded to easily identify the utility when they are required to mark up the street and individual properties to locate the utilities.
  • The traditional method was to use a Cat and Genny to locate utilities then, with the use of spray paint and stencils, it is marked out on the location so that it is clearly noticeable. However, this method can be unsightly in residential streets as spray paint is a toxin which gradually disappears over some months due to natural weathering; this can raise customer and council complaints.
  • The way the discs are used is once the utility has been identified, the mastic is used to safely secure the disc to the ground. This is then removable, which is a safety benefit to remind the team to re-use the Cat and Genny to scan for utilities each day.
  • The discs are slip resistant and rounded, making sure there are no trip hazards to operatives or pedestrians. This reminds the team to always be focused on safety and to avoid any cable strikes.
  • One of the main benefits of these discs is the reduced cost in purchasing spray paint and stencils. Also the discs are re-usable (with the discs for grass/soil having spikes) and can be produced at a very low cost.
  • Our customers have been pleased that since using the discs there is no scarring on the roads or private driveways leaving an unwanted legacy.

Footer Reference

Monitor report. Northern Gas Networks. West Yorkshire. September 2017.

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