Rebloc Vario Guard

SMP M23 is the first project to use the Rebloc © – RB80SA_12 barrier. The Spur Road heading into Gatwick has always been a pinch point and as the main road into the airport, it was always going to be a difficult decision as to what type of TM would be suitable at this location. Gatwick Airport have been very vocal and have always insisted that any disruption on this particular part of the network would cause delays and could lead to customers missing flights.

Rebloc© Temporary Systems ensure smooth traffic flow in congested areas. They separate the traffic lanes from the construction area, protect the road workers and minimise the consequences of errant vehicles.

It is also ideal for narrow road widths. The slim system width of 30cm and the low working width W1 are important determinants, if little space is available. Each element is anchored with only four anchor pins, which can easily be installed and removed. For operator safety, installation also reduces hand arm vibration due to limited need to use hand tools when pining the Varia-guard.

The interlocking coupling means that there are no loose parts, which prevent unauthorised removal of pieces and protects fully against vandalism. The large contact areas with integrated elastomer pads result in a low surface pressure.

The benefit brought to the project was that the barrier creates a much smaller overall footprint in comparison to the steel barrier, this has then allowed the project to increase works area by 400mm along the spur, which in turns increases the safety zone of that works area for the operational teams.

To find out more, watch the video below.

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