Refueling plant in environmentally sensitive locations

Any attempts to avoid environmental degradation is beneficial for the local area and the overall image of the industry.

Carrying out works can often mean venturing into locations to perform a task that could negatively impact the local environment.

It is important to carefully plan ahead and implement working methods to reduce the impact.

The example below demonstrates how one site considered the risk of refuelling:

  • An issue for refueling plant in very remote and environmentally sensitive locations was resolved by adapting a Morooka tracked crawler;
  • It was fitted with a double bounded refueling tank and a ladder to safely access the platform mounted on the back;
  • The flat bed protected the operative for working at height and a reversing camera was installed for greater security and precision;
  • The crawler could safely reach all plant over very rough terrain and perform the refueling task required;
  • It effectively eliminated the need to transverse over the landscape and cause potential environmental degradation, whilst keeping the operative safe.

Footer Reference

Monitor report. Roadbridge. South Ayrshire. March 2016

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