RMP Easy Strike

JRL Group have designed and developed the ‘RMP’ Easy Strike to improve safety while installing and removing props while using the Peri Slab Formwork System.

While undertaking formwork installation and subsequent striking activities, the management team identified that a hammer was often used to tighten and release the Peri Multiprop collars. This often resulted in damaging the prop collar, and therefore, creating a potential safety hazard.

To ensure that this activity is undertaken in a safe manner, the company introduced a new component, the RMP ‘Easy Strike’, which is used with the existing Peri system. The RMP ‘Easy Strike’ simplifies the prop installation and removal process through placing the RMP under the prop and raised in to position using two bolts.

This product is now being rolled out on all projects.

This new component provides the following benefit:

  • Assists in the final levelling of the deck and can be adjusted in millimetres independently using each bolt.
  • Stops any damage to prop collars – installing and striking without the need of a hammer.
  • Improves the prop release application.
  • Speeds up the striking and removal time of the Multiprop formwork following a poured slab.

The new ‘easy strike’ system removes the need to use hammers or rubber mallets to release the Multiprop collars under load which prevents any damage being caused to the collars and providing a safe method of striking this type of formwork.

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