Road sweeping arisings filtration system

Traditional methods of dealing with road sweeper arisings usually involve a dewatering pit being dug which the sweeper would tip in to then the water would drain naturally leaving a “Sludge” which would be disposed of as hazardous waste by specialist carrier.

In a bid to reduce this sludge and give benefits and reductions to occupational health and safety risks from vehicles working around excavations and the chance of overflow during heavy rains, SLJV have installed a three stage filtration system to deal with the arisings in an environmentally responsible manner.

The system comprises a system of skips and pumps which cleans the water at each stage allowing discharge to main foul drain after treatment.

Stage 1 – the sweeper tips into the first skip which is partially submerged, this automatically prevents the vehicle reversing in to the skip by acting as a stop block. This first skip removes large solids and debris. The water from this skip will still contain silt which is pumped to the stage 2 skip.
Stage 2 – this skip is at ground level and contains a “sock” which strains the water removing silt and smaller debris not picked up at stage 1.
Stage 3 – this skip removes all surface oils through a series of baffles before discharge into the main foul drain.

Regular sampling at the outfall determines any waterborne oils which requires further treatment.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of overflow at dewatering point
  • Risk of vehicle reversing into dewatering point eliminated
  • More environmentally friendly waste management
  • Less hazardous waste to dispose of giving cost savings as well as environmentally friendly
  • No requirement to re-dig dewatering points
  • Cleaner solution
  • No contamination of further land
  • Open water risks eliminated (fall in etc.).
  • Savings CIRCA £1000pw against tip disposal
  • Sweepers spend more time at site

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