Safe Shaft System on 3,500L Hi Spec Water Bowsers

Safe system of work implemented on NRCP2:

The PTO has long been considered one of the deadliest hazards associated with the use of machinery. It takes less than 1 second to become entangled by a PTO shaft revolving at 540rpm.

Large 3500 litre Hi Spec water bowsers on the NRCP2 project are now fitted with Hydraulic pumps eliminating the need for PTO. The new retro-fit drive system replaces the tanker’s original mechanical drive (PTO) with a hydraulic drive system and mounting assembly. Due to the system being hydraulic based, the manoeuvrability of the tractor and tanker combination is greatly improved.

Eliminating the use of PTO means eliminating the risk of entanglement. The Safe Shaft system is the ideal alternative for the current PTO shaft drive technology, which can be prone to safety failures by operational misuse and accidental damage.

The New System is CE certified, easy to use and low maintenance.

Environmental Savings

The new 3,500L water bowsers are also fitted with large water spinning dust suppressors. These units use minimal quantities of water without compromising dust control levels. The new units emit a fine mist without saturating the haul roads unlike conventional bowsers thus reducing water consumption. In addition, fuel costs are lower due to the reduced number of round trips required to the water abstraction point. The larger tank coupled with the spinning dust suppressor essentially means a larger area is covered with a single trip thus effectively reducing their carbon footprint. These new Hi spec water bowsers are three times more efficient than traditional splash gate systems.

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