SAFETYcam Incursion Detection

Road workers are continually exposed to hazards associated with the movement of vehicles on site and incursions of third-party vehicles into sites. As a result, we developed an intelligent site safety product called SAFETYcam, which protects road workers from both of these risks by using two complimentary vehicle detection systems to capture instances of dangerous driving (site vehicles and third-party vehicles), whilst also providing a conspicuous visual deterrent at road closure points to prevent incursion in the first place.

On the first trial site, we recorded 5,183 site vehicles over nine weeks where an on-site speed limit of 10mph was in force. During SAFETYcam deployment, we saw a 42% reduction in site vehicles travelling at 11-15mph; a 100% reduction in site vehicles travelling at 16-20mph, and a 17% reduction in site vehicles travelling over 21mph. Later trials also recorded up to 100% reduction in the number of third-party vehicles accessing sites to gain advantage (incursions).

Standard operating practice: SAFETYcam has now been used across the country on nearly 500 sites. SAFETYcam has captured 564 third-party vehicle incursions. Of these, six have been successfully convicted in court; 367 are awaiting prosecution; 139 have received Police warning letters; and 52 required no further action.

As well as the safety benefits, fewer vehicle incursions into sites results in less stoppages on site, and any subsequent lost productivity. SAFETYcam also hosts both specialist camera systems and on-board WiFi capability, meaning that the vehicle using it is a fully resourced and functional site welfare vehicle.

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