Skill cards for tool permission usage

There can be many potential hazards on a construction site; ensuring systems are in place helps to manage the safety and wellbeing for all personnel on site.

The proper placement of safety systems maintains a thorough and reliable method to reduce risk to health and wellbeing.

An established routine for operatives to follow on a day to day basis is a great way to organise the workforce and keep a healthy mindset.

Jackson Civil Engineering created a system to ensure the usage of tools was monitored and regulated safely:

  • A set of laminated, illustrated cards were displayed in the site’s tool stores detailing precisely what PPE, training and authorisation is required for each tool to be used;
  • When an operative requires any tool, the Storeman must check they can fulfil each and every requirement shown on the card relative to the tool;
  • This ensures the operative is fully qualified to use the tool required, therefore eliminating the risk of improper usage leading to injury.

For a detailed look at these skill cards please see the attached document below.


Skill cards Click here to Download

Footer Reference

Monitor report, Jackson Civil Engineering, West Midlands, December 2015.

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