Slide-On Balcony System

We are always looking for new and safer ways of working on site, so when our balcony supplier approached us about the possibility of pre-fabricated balconies being a safer method of works, we were interested to hear more.

In conjunction with our subcontractor Brooksby, we have collaborated to develop a pre-fabricated balcony that can be installed in any sequence of the facade once the scaffold has been struck. In addition, the installation methodology exposes operatives to minimal risk in comparison to typical balcony installation processes.

When installing typical ‘bolt-on’ balconies the operatives have to be below the load balcony (load) being lifted to access securing bolts back to the structure. This is against HSE ACop. The install methodology developed ensures no operatives are below the load being lifted, accessing the balcony from the apartment once it has been guided onto the support arms already installed on the facade prior to the scaffold being removed.

The system is designed to allow the balcony to be installed without the need for any operative to be on the external facade. The operatives are positioned inside the apartment with a bespoke designed and tested fall restraint system in place. The balcony is raised into position sing the guide ropes to control the load, the operatives inside the building receive the guide rope using a tethered pole with a hook mounted at the end. The balcony can then be controlled and guided onto the tapered balcony arm. The balcony is then guided back into the facade where the self-locking brackets engage over the locking bar to prevent the balcony from coming off the building.

The benefits include:

  • Safer installation method.
  • Vertical installation of balconies allows for the manufacture of same balcony types.
  • Reduced re-visits into completed apartments.

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Footer Reference

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